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Unlocking Marginalised Potential

Persatuan Jaringan Perniagaan Kita (PJPK) is a non-government organization established to support and foster entrepreneurs and small businesses in the local community. According to SME Corp Malaysia’s 2021 Annual Report, MSMEs makeup over 95% of total business establishments in the country and contribute approximately 40% to the national GDP. Our organization aims to especially focus on the following groups:

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Academically disadvantaged youth seeking opportunities.

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Unemployed elderly without family support.

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Individuals integrating into society after prison release.

The above groups face issues of social exclusion, unemployment, and  lack of support at a disproportionate rate. Feeling connected and valued within society is crucial for one's dignity, security, and overall quality of life. Studies show that social inclusion and having a support network are crucial for overall health, wellbeing, as well as to the local economy. 


At our core, we believe that by creating synergistic opportunities for growth and development, we can drive real change and make a positive impact on our local economy and communities.

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